Lowe’s International Cafe

Two words: Rainbow Bread.

Walking in downtown Hilo, that’s exactly what caught our eye on this otherwise sad looking corner street building. Not much there but don’t let that stop you from trying a sample of one of their sweet bread varieties they are famous for.

They have flavors ranging from guava to lilikoi to taro, and of course the Rainbow bread which is a swirl of Guava, Mango, & Sweet bread. After having a sample of the guava bread, we opted for the Taro (very lightly flavored), with plans to come back the following week to get a couple loaves of the Rainbow bread to take home with us.

Word of caution: They are open every day EXCEPT for Wednesday, so plan accordingly! :-)

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  1. Katie
    November 14th, 2010 at 15:18 | #1

    Also, try the Rainbow cookies! I’m from Minnesota, and I would go back to Hilo just to buy them.

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